Former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden on Sunday urged his compatriots to prevent Donald Trump’s four more years in the White House with their votes and thus help the U.S. recover its “soul” and its “credibility” and “leadership” in the world.

“We have to restore the soul of America (USA),” Biden said Sunday at a meeting with Miami’s Latino community on the famous Calle Ocho, the heart of Little Havana, which was also attended by several Florida Democratic Party figures.

Coming from Birmingham, Alabama, where he spoke at a Baptist church that in 1963 was the target of a racially motivated bombing that killed four girls in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, 76-year-old Biden made a brief stop at a popular Calle Ocho music venue called “Ball & Chain”.

In a small outdoor amphitheater at the back of the venue, the former vice president during Barack Obama’s administration spoke to about 80 people about what he said America is playing if Trump is re-elected in the November 2020 elections.

Biden stressed that two years ago he thought it was time to leave politics, but decided to run for the Democratic nomination in those elections so as not to allow a president who is “different from everyone else” and who “deliberately seeks to divide” Americans in order to “maintain power” to continue doing “harm” to the country.

Four more years of Trump may put the country in a “no remission” situation, according to the Democrat pre-candidate with the most support, according to polls of voting intention.

Biden sang a song of unity, of fighting against hatred, which has always been present and that “if you give it oxygen,” it “come from behind stones,” to put the middle class in the predominant place it has had in the U.S. throughout its history and not forget that this is a country of immigrants”.

“Wall Street didn’t build America, ordinary middle-class people did”, people who do “extraordinary things” when they have a mission, he stressed.

Regarding the economic successes of the Trump government, he said that “profits of large corporations have grown exponentially, but wages have not”.

Much of his speech was devoted to U.S. foreign policy and the loss of leadership in his judgment caused by Trump.

He stressed that his three foreign policy priorities if he comes to the White House will be “Russia, China and Central America,” in that order, and said the United States is the only nation that can make the entire American continent, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, “prosperous, democratic and peaceful”.

He also said that it is necessary to help improve the living conditions of the people in Central America so that they do not have to risk their lives to reach the U.S., but always on the condition that the governments of those countries fight corruption.

In any case, he was in favor of a “more rational” approach and said that the arrival of migrants makes it possible for the United States to benefit from the “best” of any of the world’s different cultures.

Biden called on those attending the event to raise their voices against things that are not right, because “silence is complicity” and to make the U.S. lead “the world again”.
“It’s time to remember who we are who we want to be,” he said.

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