Los Angeles (USA), Oct. 16 – The bat that Babe Ruth used to connect his 500th homer for life in 1929 will be auctioned, almost 75 years after he gave it to a friend whose family has supported him .

Ruth became the first player to reach the 500 homers, on August 11, 1929, when he played for the New York Yankees against Willis Hudlin in “League Park” in Cleveland.

The Toledo gave his friend Jim Rice the bat in the mid-1940s. Ricen was mayor of Suffern (New York).

Now Terry Rice, a lawyer from Suffern, Jim’s only son, is selling the bat.

Ruth’s 500th homer surpassed the right garden wall in Cleveland, left the park and rolled down Lexington Avenue, where the ball was picked up by an Indian fan.

After the game, the ball was returned to Ruth in exchange for $ 20 and his autograph.
After Jim Rice died in 1983, his wife maintained the tolete until his death in 1997, and this happened at the hands of Terry Rice, who kept it.

Rice, 69, spoke with her two older sisters before deciding to sell the bat, and said they plan to split the profits.

SCP Auctions officials in Laguna Niguel (California) estimate that the bat could sell for more than a million dollars.

Online offers begin on November 27 and end on December 14.

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