Armendariz wants to be “a voice to the conservative population in El Paso”


Armendariz, the daughter of naturalized Mexican immigrants, is running for U.S. Congress, to give “a voice to the conservative population in El Paso”, which is 80.7% Latino/Hispanic. A realtor and small business owner, Armendariz holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Howard Payne University and a master’s degree in Government with a concentration in law and public policy from Regent University

Why are you running? 

I am running because the laws of our nation should protect the most vulnerable population and who is more vulnerable than children.  I will legislate for babies in the womb to be recognized as a person granting them the same protections as a born person: LIFE at conception NO exception!  We have placed our future in the hands of people who do not practice justice and look for the greater good of my community; I am also running because the freedom of our children and grandchildren is disappearing.  I believe people who are directly affected by the laws passed by Congress should run and through common sense and pragmatic approach we should legislate based on the Constitution which is what defines the United States as a Republic.

What are the main challenges in your district and what are your proposals?

Justice for El Paso!  The main challenge in District 16, MI GENTE, is the lack of truthful information reposted by the media and in many instances, the language barrier limits the message the community hears.  Conservatives have failed to build relationships with people and have no credibility; this has enormous consequences during elections.

How do you assess the government -White House and Congress, local authorities – to the coronavirus crisis? 

COVID-19 has only confirmed the polarization dividing our nation.  The measures are taken by each level of government during this time confirm what is written in the Declaration of Independence “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”  By nature, we want to be free and these rights are part of human nature, we are not taught to want to be free, it’s sewn into our soul by God Almighty.

What is your position on immigration?

Not only am I native of El Paso, Texas but I am also a wife of a Border Patrol Agent who serves at the Clint Station, where the incumbent alongside AOC and other liberal Congress members made false allegations as to the conditions of the detainees and their treatment.  I know promoting illegal immigration victimizes illegal immigrants by making them vulnerable to those who want to take advantage of their status many times enslaving them and because of their immigration status.  I promote legal immigration because I want those who want to immigrate to the greatest nation in the world, to have all the opportunities this country offers. This opinion comes from a very personal perspective because in our border town we witness the travesty of illegal immigration both on the immigrant as well as our Immigration Officers.  During the height of the immigration crisis my husband, along with fellow agents were ridiculed and falsely accused of atrocious behavior against illegal immigrants, to this day the rhetoric continues even when the truth about the pictures where the children are in cages has been made known to the public.  These agents are husbands/wives, sons/daughters, parents of our community, and making these false accusations towards members of our community reflects very poorly on us a whole.

Could you comment on the impact in your community of stimulus package approved by Congress?

Diversity in Opportunity!  El Paso is considered one of the poorest districts in Texas, and the lack of opportunity leaves ‘mi gente’ in a dire situation; therefore, I know stimulus checks are a welcome relief for the majority of the people.

What is your evaluation of your opponent’s work? 

I am in a Run-Off which will take place on July 14.  My opponent has no ties in the community and has no concept of our cultural richness which makes El Paso unique and beautiful.  With over 85% Hispanic population and a high Spanish speaking population, it is insane that my opponent can communicate with the majority leading us as conservatives a losing path once again,  A core value of the Hispanic population is our faith in God and just recently, my opponent filed a complaint with the IRS against myself, a Hispanic Pastor and his wife for “not following the rules.”  This accusation is a confirmation of the lack of connection with the people of El Paso, mi gente!  This is also indicative of the lack of value for the Constitution which should be the base for all laws passed by Congress.  This is how the high-profile liberals already control the House and pass laws that are damaging to the citizens of the United States, we would be trading one enemy of the state for another disguised as a conservative.  As the incumbent goes, I encourage all to listen to her response to the State of the Union in Spanish and witness the lack of regard for our country and those she was elected to represent.  She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and all the liberal groups who want to change the ethos of our country.  Our current situation is indicative and a small taste of what Socialism is.  I have been endorsed by Texas Right to Life and Texas Values which are organizations that support the core values of my community and the nation.


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