Madrid, June 22.- The Congolese with a Spanish passport Serge Ibaka stars in the documentary ‘Anything is possible’, which narrates his life from childhood on the streets of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he barely had anything to eat, until he became NBA champion in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors.

The power forward remembers his difficult childhood, in which he lost his mother when he was seven years old and lived on the street, a story of overcoming with which he wants to inspire others.

“So I think it is important to bring a camera and show it to people. It is not just about me, it is about inspiring the children of the Congo and the whole world so that they can say ‘look where it comes from, if it has gotten to where it is now it means that anyone can achieve it,” he says in the documentary.

After proclaiming himself NBA champion, Ibaka returned to the Congo with the Larry O’Brien trophy under his arm, with which he toured the streets that a few years ago saw him begging for food.

“My favorite memory of growing up in the Congo is getting up and going to play basketball with my friends. I think that was one of my favorite moments, because that was when I was enjoying life. When I played basketball, I forgot everything, if I had sports, if I had food … Playing basketball gave me peace of mind and forgot all the problems, “he highlights.

The documentary ‘Anything is possible’ is available exclusively and free of charge on the Rakuten TV platform.

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