The wave of protests and confrontations between citizens and ANTIFA terrorists mixed with the police has generated a furor in the American population. After the death of George Floyd (a black man, suffocated by a policeman) last May 29, the savage acts of urban terrorism, disguised as citizen protests, were felt in more than 30 American states.

The demonstrations in Minneapolis, have become violent to the point of reaching fires and looting, actions that will not solve the situation, because violence only generates more violence.
It is impressive to me that in the 21st-century people are still behaving in an extreme way, being reasonable beings, that we should move towards a better and more civilised world.

Protests that have spread to several cities in the United States and I can understand the unrest and indignation, because of police abuse, but setting fire to cars, looting supermarkets, which serve to supply basic necessities and useful for human survival, does not make sense, nor does it make sense, but it does if, as is evident, such legitimate claims are mixed with elements of urban terrorism, along with Cuban and Venezuelan elements, which were recorded paying demonstrators to destroy and burn buildings and all kinds of public and private establishments.

How to demand respect for life and skin color? If the call for a solution and respect is made from violence, which affects, even more, the protest becomes a weapon in the fight against the Trump Administration, since numerous businesses are left without food in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which exceeds 100,000 deaths in the United States.

Despite the fact that several governors decreed a curfew to try to calm the anger of the protesters, they continued to take to the streets, avoiding the possible spread of the virus and the expansion of the pandemic.

Hundreds of premises and buildings were burned, and the tragedy has brought more tragedy. ANTIFA members facing stones against the police tear gas and pepper spray.

Euphoria and adrenaline keep people out of their homes, which is why local authorities followed them to get tested for COVID-19 as it is African Americans who are dying most from the pandemic.

In this sense, President Donald Trump declared “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” and already it was seen as owners shot people who entered to loot their shops. Trump also said that these cities can be militarized to calm the situation. So far, anger and outrage and urban terrorism are robbing people of their reason in several American states.

Finally, I see with much concern the polarization that surrounds the nation, where it seems that spaces for agreements and coexistence are turning grey, solutions to violence do not seem to be found in the short term, and where, as a consequence of urban terrorism, citizens do not respect their lives in the midst of a pandemic that has proven to kill, regardless of social status, skin colour and age.

It is evident that the State is trying to control the protests since they know that behind ANTIFA are the intelligence services of Cuba and Venezuela, which are trying to undermine the presidential elections of November 3, as well as the imminent danger of the virus and to which the demonstrators, peaceful or violent, journalists and police who go to the sites are exposed.

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