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Zionism is the recognition of Jewish people’s right to their own State, Israel, in peace and with security. Anti-Zionism is the denial of that right to the Jews, only to the Jewish people, and the aspiration to destroy that national democratic reality of more than seventy years endorsed by the international community.

Anti-Semitism is the sickly obsession, the compulsive hatred against Jews. Historically, this fixation has manifested itself by inciting and exerting violence and discrimination against them, demonizing them to the point of dehumanizing them.

Anti-Semitism has adapted its excuses throughout history to satisfy the worst changing instincts of the mob: according to the time, the Jews had murdered Jesus Christ, performed ritual sacrifices to use the blood of children, constituted a fifth column disloyal to their countries, infected diseases or formed an inferior and depraved race.

The result to this has been the harassment, the harassment, the persecution to which the Jewish communities have been subjected. All this, together with the ancestral aspiration of return to the Land of Israel and the desire for political self-determination, created the breeding ground for the birth of the Zionist movement in the 19th century. Taken to its extreme in the 20th century, anti-Semitism culminates in the Shoah, the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis, which crystallizes the irrevocable will of Jews to have their own nation, on a par with all others, and not to depend on others to defend themselves.

This national emancipation accompanied the decolonizing processes. Israel’s independence is approximately simultaneous with the creation of most countries in the Middle East and Maghreb. Today, Israel is the only full democracy among all those countries. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Israel is the 30th healthiest democracy on the planet, just behind France and ahead of Belgium or Italy. According to Freedom House, it is one of the 86 free states in the world. And of them, it is the only one whose right to exist is permanently questioned.

Therefore, the delegitimization of Israel, that double standard applied to the Jewish State, only to the Jewish State, to the only Jewish State, is, yes, the modern expression of classical anti-Semitism. Because when it is no longer politically correct to criminalize “the Jews”, one aspires to do so with impunity against the collective Jew: Israel.

Anti-Israeli narrative has managed to permeate the media and the Academy, until its terminology is commonly accepted. Thus, an armistice line is presented as “the border of 1967”, disputed territories become “occupied”, the Jews of Judea become “settlers”, their communities become “settlements” and the security gates -such as those of Ceuta and Melilla- become “walls”. Likewise, the fourth-generation descendants of the losers of the wars that sought to throw the Jews into the sea are called “refugees,” making that condition hereditary.

This narrative has also managed to pervert the historical narrative. As if Palestinian aspirations, the very existence of that people and references to its national reality were not a recent phenomenon that emerged well into the 1960s (the PLO was not founded until 1964). The usual story does not mention that Palestinians would already have a state had their leaders accepted the offers of Israeli prime ministers Barak and Olmert. But they were more concerned with destroying the Jewish state than with creating their national structures and educating for peace.

Not only is anti-Zionism a badly disguised anti-Semitism that feeds on the updated classical libels. It is also the only form of racism that claims impunity, that has the consensual support of the far left and the far right, the only hatred of a people that can boast of rhetoric uncritically accepted by academic and cultural circles and by the media. And it is the only incitement to hatred that has public subsidies to groups and associations that, with the excuse of support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, seeks, today as then, to exclude, discriminate, if not end, the Jews.


This article was published by El Medio on September 9th, 2019. Reproduced on Political Hispanic with authorization from said source. Also translated by Political Hispanic.
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