E-commerce multinational Amazon today announced a training plan of 700 million dollars for its workers with the aim of keeping a third of its current staff in the country by 2025, despite the advance of automation.

In a statement, the company from Seattle (WA) indicated that the training programs will go to about 100,000 workers of the approximately 300,000 that the company employs in the country and will focus on skills and technological knowledge.

The announcement of the e-commerce giant is a veiled admission that the use of robots and automation will make most current jobs in the company become obsolete in the coming years, which will lead to a reduction or conversion of the template.

A priori, the employees that will be most affected by the technological transformation are the least qualified and carry out physical or logistical tasks such as warehouse workers, stores and transporters, although the firm said that the training will also be extended to offices corporate and technology centers.

Currently, Amazon already uses tens of thousands of robots in its stores in the US as in the rest of the world, which in many cases are responsible for organizing and directing logistics, while humans are limited to execute what is planned by the machines.

“Although many of our employees want to develop their professional careers here, for others this can be a step forward towards other aspirations.With this commitment, we show our support to 100,000 workers to obtain the skills that will allow them to advance in their careers,” Amazon’s vice president of human resources, Beth Galetti, said.

The company explained that in the last five years the demand for professional profiles that has grown the most based on their needs has been that of data map specialists, data scientists, solution architects, security engineers and business analysts.

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