Washington police authorities today arrested 32 people who cut off several of the capital’s main streets to demand immediate action against climate change.

The District of Columbia Police arrested 26 protesters for blocking traffic at 15 different points in the city, while the National Capitol Police detained six others in the vicinity of the legislative building.

The organization “Shutdown DC” asked the “climate rebels” to cut the main roads today, coinciding with the celebration of the Summit for Climate Action held today at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

According to the group’s website, the sites where traffic was disrupted were chosen because of the volume of traffic and their proximity to the offices of “climate criminals,” such as oil companies or lobbyists for the oil and gas industry.

Shutdown DC spokeswoman Kaela Bamberger told local media that the protests were “very successful” in blocking traffic at most of the points raised.

“We significantly impeded traffic in some of the main areas we were in for about three hours,” he said.

The protest came three days after youth-led rallies in more than 150 countries prior to the United Nations climate summit, where policymakers were urged to address global warming aggressively.

The protest in New York was led by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who today was one of the protagonists of the UN climate summit with a speech that left no one indifferent.

Thunberg, leader of the youth movement against the climate crisis, accused the heads of state and government on Monday of not doing enough to reverse global warming and warned them that young people are going to start the change, “like it or not”.

“Here and now is where we take a step forward, the change comes, whether they like it or not,” said Greta.

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