Oakland (USA), May 14.- Base Stephen Curry again shone in a special way in the offensive game of the Golden State Warriors with 36 points and guided them to the comfortable victory of 116-94 against the Trail Blazers of Portland in the first match of the series of the Western Conference finals that dominate 1-0 to best of seven.

The game had no more history than to see the complete superiority of the Warriors, current two-time defending champions of the NBA, who despite suffering the loss of star forward and leader encestador Kevin Durant, injured with a muscle strain in the right calf, was enough the inspiration of Curry and the contribution of the escort Klay Thompson.

Curry was a point-scoring machine after scoring 12 of 23 field goals, including 9 of 15 from outside the perimeter, and he was perfect with 3-3 from the personnel line, in addition to capturing six rebounds and distributing seven assists.

“It was a very important match for us and we needed not only to achieve the victory but to play well as a team and that’s what we did,” Curry said at the end of the game, which took place at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Curry forgot about the markings that the Houston Rockets had done in the semifinals and before the Trail Blazers he had all the shots he wanted and did not miss them.

The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) winner completely dominated the match against star point guard Damian Lillar and guard C.J. McCollum, the best scorers of the Trail Blazers.

Both players just combined with 11 baskets of 31 attempts, to confirm that they are far from being the team that can face the current two-time league champions, at least after seeing how they succumbed to the great defense that the Warriors also played.

Thompson also maintained his inspirations and with 26 points supported the work of Curry after scoring 10 of 24 field goals, including 3 of 9 triples and 3-3 from the line of personnel.

Power forward Draymond Green, again at his best, was in charge of being the best in the inside game and proved it by getting a double-double of 12 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, two ball recoveries and three blocks. .

“We have returned to respond as a great team, everyone in the field we have complemented and in the end we managed to have the advantage in the series,” said Green. “Every game that we overcome without Durant, we have more options to face again in the NBA Finals.”

Although the Warriors only had Curry, Thompson and Green with double-digit numbers, as a team they achieved 50 (42-84) percent of hits in field goals, 52 (17-33) of triples and 83 (15-18) from the personnel line, compared to 36 (30-83), 25 (7-28) and 87 (27-31)%, respectively, of the Trail Blazers, who only won under the rings with 47 rebounds for 42 Golden State.

While the Warriors forced no less than 21 turnovers to the Trail Blazers and they gave it 14 times, this being one of the keys to the win they got.

“Against a team like the Warriors, with the encestadores they have, we can not have such poor control of the ball,” Trail Blazers coach Jerry Stotts said. “We never played our best basketball and his triumph was unappealable.”

Lillard, a native of Oakland (California), could barely get 19 points, six assists and four rebounds.

Nor McCollum, the hero in the seventh game of the semifinals against the Denver Nuggets, found his best inspiration encestadora and ended with 17 goals, the same as the reserve Rodney Hood, which were not a winning factor for the Trail Blazers.

Less important was the contribution of reserve base Seth Curry, Stephen’s younger brother, who played 19 minutes and could barely get three points with the Trail Blazers after scoring 1 of 7 field goals, which was a triple of the four attempts he made .

The only reference of interest with his presence in the game was that he made history by being the first duel of brothers that was given in an NBA conference finals.

The second game of the series will be played on Thursday, on the same stage as the Oracle Arena, and Durant could turn around with the Warriors if his recovery process has been positive.

“At the moment, we have the advantage, and therefore we must not force anything with the return of Durant and DeMarcus Cousins,” said Steve Kerr, coach of the Warriors. “We played a great game, full of confidence in all the team, while Stephen (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) showed their status as winning leaders. “

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