Caracas, July 10 .- Caracas and Independiente del Valle agreed on Wednesday without goals in the first leg of their eighth-final Copa Sudamericana final and left the definition for the return match, which will be played next week in Quito.

Despite the parity on the board, the visiting team exerted intense pressure during the 90 minutes and could take the victory had it not been for bad luck, the hands of goalkeeper Baroja and the post, which bounced a free kick when the match I was dying

In the first half the Ecuadorian team set the pace, but the order of Caracas in defense made the actions of the visit sterile.

Although the coach, Miguel Angel Ramirez, sent in the formation to a single man in tip, the “negriazul” varied the drawing quickly every time he had the ball and offended up to 5 cash.

The attacks of the Ecuadorian team, however, only found order when it was Mera who commanded them.

From his boots came the two clearest goals of the first half: at 27 minutes with a charge from the corner that almost slipped to Baroja, and at 35 after unsuccessful completion, inside the area and from the left, a good collective move of the visit.

The Caracas responded to these advances with quick counterattacks gestated between the Saggiomo midfielder and the Colombian attacker Jesus Arrieta, but their options culminated without even shots to the arc of Pinos.

But in the complement, the coach of the Independent Valley took note of the passivity of Caracas and introduced changes that made his team much more offensive.

The entry of the Panamanian attacker Gabriel Torres gave more bite to the “negriazul”. He even sent the ball to the back of the net, but his target did not get on the board for offside.

The Caracas, meanwhile, remained without answers and only pressed in defense, waiting for an error of the visit that never appeared for, by force of speed, to be able to invoice.

When the match expired, defender Fernando León crashed a free kick in the right post of Baroja, who signed a correct game that leaves Caracas still with options to transcend.

The winner of this key, which will be defined on the 17th at the Atahualpa stadium in Quito, will face in the quarterfinals the winner of the crossing between the also Ecuadorian Catholic University and the Independent of Argentina.

– Data sheet:

0. Caracas: Alain Baroja; Eduardo Fereira (m.63, Luis Colmenarez), Rosmel Villanueva, Rubert Quijada; Bernardo Añor; Néstor Canelón, Ricardo Andreutti; Leonardo Flores, Daniel Saggiomo (m.58, Richard Celis); Jesús Arrieta (m.72, Espinoza) and Robert Hernández.

Coach: Noel Sanvicente.

0. Independiente del Valle: Jorge Pinos; Angelo Preciado, Fernando León, Richard Schunke, Luis Segovia; Roberto Garcés; Cristian Dájome (m.77, Gabriel Torres); Alan Franco, Efrén Mera (m.69, Pellarano), Washington Corozo (m.63, Sánchez); and Alejandro Cabeza.

Coach: Miguel Ángel Ramírez.

Referee: The Bolivian Ivo Méndez. He admonished Arrieta and Fereira.

Incidents: first leg match of the Copa Sudamericana round of 16 between the Caracas and Independiente del Valle disputed in the Olympic Stadium of the Central University of Venezuela.

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