Clinton confirms its participation in the presidential debates

Clinton confirms its participation in the presidential debates

Washington, ago.- Democratic candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton, confirmed his participation in the three presidential debates scheduled by an independent commission and whose date has criticized his Republican opponent, Donald Trump.


“The only question now is whether Donald Trump will be presented to discussions on dates, times, locations and formats programmed by the commission,” said Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta


The debates are scheduled for September 26, October 9 and October 19, dates, the first two, criticized by Trump to match two league matches NFL football.


“Hillary Clinton wants to go against the NFL,” Trump said recently, and accused the Democratic campaign of wanting to “fix discussions” with low ratings, “as he did with Bernie Sanders” (the rival of the former first lady in the primary), he said.


The debate on September 26, which will take place in New York, agrees with the match between Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, while October 9 in San Luis (Missouri), coincides with the Green Bay Packers-New York Giants .


“It is unclear whether (Trump) is trying to avoid discussions or just playing with the press to make a drama. Anyway, our campaign is not interested in debates discuss or negotiate on them,” said Podesta.


The Commission on Presidential Debates, meanwhile, said the tycoon that “it is impossible to avoid all sporting events” and recalled that “has never been a debate reprogrammed” to coincide with a party.


This body organizes the debates since 1988 and its members belong to the two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans.

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